How to Find a Person's Address Online

It used to be that you had to hire a private detective if you wanted to track down someones address. Today, however, the internet makes finding a person's address or stalking someone, if that is your thing, incredibly easy. Even if you only have a few details about that person, you could find someone's address online using just their name, their E-Mail address or their phone number.

Major search engines Google and Yahoo offer a basic "People Search" feature. By entering a person's last name and the state they reside in, you can usually find their full address. If that person has a common name, that makes the search more difficult. With Google, enter the person's full name and their area code and you can usually find their address a little quicker if you know what to look for.

Remember White Pages? Well the internet offers an address and phone directory for every area you can think of. Log on to the White Pages website or any similar address and phone directory you find in a search engine.

You can find directories and people search engines online that allow you to use nearly any kind of information to locate a person. Family and friend reunion websites such as allow you to track down long lost family and friends. Other sites allow you to search for a person using only their E-Mail address. Looking for an old army buddy? Services similar to allow you to find them. The internet makes it cheap and easy to locate lost loved ones, old classmates or just that girl at work that you have a crush on.

Or, for the best results, just ask the person you are trying to find what their address is using the phone or E-Mail. It is much less creepy.